Jodi Brush, ChFEBCSM

(formerly Jodi Graul)



Restoring and Protecting the American Dream


In 2008 everything changed in America and the world.  Families watched in fear and confusion as the financial markets were spinning out of control and the American Dream was truly in jeopardy of disappearing forever.  Did you or the ones you love suffer through this trying time?

Four years later not much has changed.  Today in the U.S. nearly 50 million families are still living in fear and distrust.  Those responsible got all the help and bailouts, while the good people who played by the rules lost their jobs, homes, savings and belief in that American dream.

I partner with an organization whose goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen to families ever again.  We bring integrity back to the financial profession so that middle-Americans can sleep better at night, knowing their investments are in good hands.

What are your priorities, goals, and dreams?  Maybe you are...

  • Planning to retire within the next 5 years. Then you’re likely thinking about moving from asset accumulation to distribution.  But how will you juggle day-to-day living with fulfilling your retirement dreams, but not end up with too much life at the end of your money?
  • Living the family life. You know you need to think about retirement, but it seems so far away when there are other, more pressing needs that face your family, things like putting the kids through school and protecting loved ones in case of unforeseen events.
  • Already retired. Life is good, but you’re not sure how to protect your estate so that it goes to the people who deserve it.  Sometimes market fluctuations keep you awake at night, and you wonder how to avoid being a burden to your kids later on.

Whatever your stage in life, there are consistent and reliable ways to meet your needs for financial security as well as give you the freedom to live life the way you want to live it.

The result: a solid financial foundation which frees you to spend your time on what really matters to you.  Please let me know how I can help.  I will be grateful for the opportunity to be of service to you and your family.


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Jodi Brush, ChFEBCSM
(formerly Jodi Graul)

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